Volunteer Ombudsman


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The official form to nominate an outstanding Volunteer Ombudsman.

Press Releases​
        The Volunteer Ombudsman Program celebrates 30 years of advocacy services.

The Volunteer Ombudsman Program increased the number of counties served from 11 counties to 30.

There are never enough volunteers to visit every facility and speak to each and every resident in Wisconsin’s nursing homes. We need more volunteers willing to make weekly visits to nursing home 

The volunteer is there to protect the rights of the residents. Our agency does not enforce state regulations, we are advocates for those who are living in long term care facilities.

The Volunteer Ombudsman Program is a service that was developed to supplement the advocacy services of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program focusing on residents in skilled nursing facilities.

Volunteering can foster a sense of deep satisfaction when positive, authentic interpersonal connections occur.


A time to acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices that many long‐term care residents have made in order to better our communities and to call attention to the rights of residents living in nursing homes.​