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​​Changes to Medicare During Covid-19
​An overview of some of the changes Medicare has made in response to COVID-19.​

Persons aged 65 or older (or on disability), may have lost their jobs and subsequently their employer group healthcare coverage due the current public health crisis. In this situation, there are options to consider for replacement healthcare coverage.

Each year Medicare Beneficiaries receive informational mailings from their current insurance plan, Social 
Security, Medicare, and possibly even Medicaid. Some notices may require action and have deadlines.
Each year there is another opportunity for beneficiaries who wish to make a change in their Medicare Advantage Plan.

Each state has its own plan for deciding who they will vaccinate first and how residents can get vaccines.

There are Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) allowing beneficiaries to disenroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan within their first 12 months of being enrolled in that plan.​

The Medigap Helpline is available to help Medicare beneficiaries and their families understand Medicare coverage and their options. During this public health emergency, it is especially important that people have the best health insurance coverage to meet their needs.


If an individual is experiencing a loss of employer health insurance, helpline counselors can assist by providing the knowledge and information needed to understand coverage options. The counselors can also help the beneficiary understand required timelines, which is crucial to avoiding gaps in coverage.


Clearing up myths about Affordable Care Act and Medicare
If you have or will soon have Medicare, there are some important things you need to know about how the Affordable Care Act will impact your Medicare coverage.

There are different levels of healthcare coverage that would give you more or less out-of-pocket costs.

People who initially did not enroll in Medicare or dropped Part B coverage and want to get it back have an opportunity to do so during the General Enrollment Period (GEP).

The Wisconsin Medigap Helpline is available to help you with questions that may arise as you consider Medicare enrollment and how it affects your secondary insurance options.

We recommend you take these steps the next time you call your insurer.​

Medicare - Part D

The Medigap Part D and Prescription Drug Helpline is available to assist individuals age 60 and over in identifying their best options for prescription drug coverage. Part D counselors can provide a personalized comparison of multiple Part D plans, as well as discuss alternatives such as Senior Care.

The longer you’ve had your Part D plan, the more likely it is that it may not be the best plan for you.

Medicare Supplement / Medigap

An important point to remember about all these options is that when you first become eligible for Medicare you have the right to purchase all riders without underwriting (health questions asked).

Medicare covers skilled nursing home care of up to 100 days only if the patient has a 3 day qualifying hospitalization stay and then enters a Medicare-certified facility for skilled care within 30 days of discharge from the hospital.


Medigap Helpline Services can review the caller’s issues and refer to the appropriate local agency that may be more able to help in that part of Wisconsin.

What you need to know about sick leave conversion if you were a State of Wisconsin employee.


Resources that individuals may use to help manage dental care costs associated with routine care and treatment of dental ailments not covered by Medicare.

Get the latest materials available from Medicare, Social Security, the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, other advocacy groups, and our own printed materials, all of which are available for the asking. 

Our insurance counselors can counsel you on your options so that you will be well educated about the right choices for your situation and better able to make an informed selection.

I have access to VA Benefits, how does that work with Medicare?

Press Releases

During Medicare’s open enrollment period beneficiaries are encouraged to review prescription drug and health plan coverage to assure they have the best possible coverage for the coming year.​