Resident Rights

​Advocating for YOU​​​

Ombudsmen assist long term care consumers and their families and friends to understand and exercise rights that are guaranteed by law, both at the federal and state levels. Ombudsmen work diligently to ensure that rights​ are supported and promoted in all long term care settings and provider agencies.​

Long term care consumers have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect and dignity;

  • Be free from chemical and physical restraints;

  • Manage their own finances;

  • Voice grievances without fear of retaliation;

  • Associate and communicate privately with any person of their choice;

  • Send and receive personal mail;

  • Have personal and medical records kept confidential;

  • Apply for state and federal assistance without discrimination;

  • Be fully informed of their rights, services available and all charges prior to admission to a facility or enrollment into a program; and

  • Be given advance notice of transfer, discharge, disenrollment, termination or changes in services.​