The Medigap Helpline is a telephone counseling service. It is part of the State Health Insurance
Assistance Program (SHIP).


ALERT: WPS Health Insurance has decided to non-renew the stand-alone WPS Medicare prescription Drug Plans (Part D) effective 12/31/2022.

  These beneficiaries will have the Annual Election Period (AEP) thru 12/7/2022 along with a Special Enrollment 
Period (SEP) until 12/31/2022 to elect their new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan to start 1/1/2023.  The SEP also runs thru to the end of February 2023 with coverage beginning the first of the following month.
  Medicare ​has a tool beneficiaries may use to determine which Part D plan would cover their medications the 
best at their pharmacy of choice.  Go here to use the Medicare Planfinder tool. Beneficiaries may also call 
Medicare at 1-800-633-4227, 24 hours a day.

If assistance is needed to determine best options for 2023, you may fill out this 81G PDP-MAPD Review form 2023.pdf, and return it either via email to ​​​ ​or return by postal mail to addess at the bottom of the form.  Contact the Medigap Part D & Prescription Drug Helpline ​at 1-855-677-2783, leaving your complete name, address, and telephone number and request a review form be mailed. ​ 

Other contacts:  Disability Rights of Wisconsin's Medicare Part D Helpline 1-800-926-4862.

Or your local Aging & Disability Resource Center to work with a benefit specialist DHS List.  ​

Reminder: ​Medicare's Annual Open Enrollmenr Period begins October 15th and runs through   ​December 7th to Add, Drop, or Switch a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Prescription 
Drug Plan.  View this Article2022 Annual Medicare Open Enrollment.pdf  
​for futher info​rmation.


The Medigap Helpline is a free, confidential counseling service for ALL Medicare beneficiaries, including disabled individuals and those age 65 and over. Insurance counselors at the Medigap Helpline can help with questions about various health insurance topics at no cost to the caller. There is NO con​nection with any insurance company and the Medigap Helpline Programs’ counselors do not endorse nor express any opinion as to the worth or value of any policy or insurance product. A counselor's purpose is to help beneficiaries understand their options so they may make their personal decisions based on their individual needs.

The Medigap Part ​D & Prescription Drug Helpline is a free, confidential counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries aged 60 and over. Prescription drug counselors can help with questions about prescription drug options.​


Medigap Helpline Services ​
Learn about our free, confidential counseling services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Medigap Helpline Services are provided by the State of Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care at no cost. There is no connection with any insurance company. The program is funded by the Wisconsin State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) under grants from the federal Administration for Community Living and the Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

​Commissioner of Insurance Mark Afable meets with the Medigap Helpline Services staff at the Board on Aging and Long Term​ Care.  Seen here speaking with Vicki Buchholz, Medigap Helpline Services Supervisor about the counseling the programs give to Medicare beneficiaries in Wisconsin. 

Learn more about our state's Investment in 
Medigap Helpline for Wisconsin Seniors.