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Education and Outreach

Ombudsmen are frequently invited to speak on a variety of topics to long term care providers and service users.  Most requested topics include resident rights, sexuality and intimacy, and person-directed care.  Inservices and conference workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the audience, whether it is specific to a particular facility or generalized for the provider community at large.

Ombudsmen are also available to community groups as an educational resource on the many facets of long term care services. Serving to monitor the implementation of federal and state long term care regulations and reporting deficiencies, ombudsmen are frequently an objective resource in determining what type of long term care service might provide the best fit for the consumer.

The ability of the Ombudsman Program to influence public policy with consideration for the views and concerns of the long term care consumer has had a strong impact on improving the quality of life for long term care consumers. Today long term care ombudsmen serve persons living not only in nursing homes, around whom the program was originally designed, but also serve persons in CBRF's (community based residential facilities), adult family homes, RCAC's (residential care apartment complexes), and home-based recipients of Community Options Program and Family Care services.


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