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Frequently asked questions

Some of the answers below are found on the website.  You can access "frequently asked questions" by going to the website.  The website link is:

 Q:  I have employer group health insurance: Can I drop Part B and add it later?
I enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B but am still working (or went back to work).  I did not realize my employer group health insurance was the primary payer.  Can I drop Part B now and enroll in Part B again when I retire?  Will I have to pay higher premiums when I enroll in Part B again?

A: If you are working and covered by your employer group health insurance, your Part B benefits may be of limited value to you as long as your group health insurance is the primary payer of your medical bills. (See note below.)

If you have Medicare Part B and decide to drop it while you are working and covered by your employer group health insurance, you can sign up for Medicare Part B again during your Special Enrollment Period.  As long as you enroll in Part B during your Special Enrollment Period, you will not have to pay a higher Part B premium.

Note: If you are working for a small wompany (less than 20 employees) your should talk to your employee health benefits administrator befofe making any decision not to take Medicare Part B.  If your employeor has less than 20 employees, medicare is the primary payer and your group health insruance would bne the secondary payer.  You may also wish to read our publication: Medicare and Other health Benefits: Your Guide to Who Pays First.

the Social Security Administration handles Medicare enrollments.  If you wnat ot drop your Part B or have more quesitons about enrolling in or dropping Medicare Part B, you should call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213, or visit their website.




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