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1. Do I have to apply for Medicare or do I get it automatically?
2. If I wait to take Part B, will I face a penalty?
3. Does Medicare cover dental?
4. Will Medicare cover Nursing Home Stays?
5. Does Medicare cover ......
6. Medicare didn't pay for my claim or Medicare denied my claim.
7. I lost my Medicare card.
8. My parents moved to this country 2 years ago and they need insurance.
9. I don't qualify for Medicare yet, what kind of insurance is available?
10. Should I sign up for Medicare Part A & Part B if I or my spouse are still working and are covered by employer or union health insurance?
11. I work for a small employer. Do I need Medicare?
12. I have retiree insurance. How does that work with Medicare?
13. I have a Health Savings Account (HSA).
14. How does Medicare work with COBRA?
15. I have access to VA Benefits, how does that work with Medicare?
16. What is a Medigap Policy?
17. What's the difference between a Medigap/Medicare Supplement and an Advantage Plan (Part C)?
18. The premiums keep going up on my Medicare supplement . Should I switch to a different supplement?
19. What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
21. How does Wisconsin SeniorCare program for medications work?
22. I am paying for a Long Term Care policy, is it worth it?

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